Welcome to BRIGHT-CS! BRIGHT-CS is a program for girls in middle school. Girls learn how computer science can help them solve problems they care about and create new things in the digital world. Girls get to interact with women of color with careers in computer science and build friendships with other girls like them. By the end of the year, girls see themselves as leaders and scientists.  We all have a toolbox of skills that help us achieve our goals. A toolbox might include a hammer, nails, screwdriver, and so on. A toolbox of skills can include things you learn in school, like reading, math, and science. It can be things you learn on the playground, like sharing, cooperating, and making friends. The BRIGHT-CS program builds on these skills to teach computer science and leadership. With these skills, you can help make the world a better place by solving problems you care about. We hope you’ll join us.
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